musings on mortality

February 15, 2010

Do not be alarmed, but I may be dying.

The excessive amount of congestion is shocking, my face is disgustingly puffy and red, and I have a fever, and still I am EXPECTED to go to Czech class?! Shouldn’t my health be more important than 4.5 hours of Czech? Shouldn’t I be encouraged to lay in bed in my Puget Sound sweats watching last week’s episode of my favorite show (the name of which I dare not speak, but Marissa and my suitemate Brittany know what I’m talking about) drinking plenty of fluids?

Before this blog post continues, if I should die, I would like to leave Emily Veling everything sparkly I own, Marissa Ryder all of my musical memorabilia, Misty all of my bite-sized socks, Walt Lengel my glow-in-the-dark stars, and my sister with the ever-important task of naming her daughter after me.
Oh, and Laura McQuay is in charge of making sure that no one I don’t like comes to my funeral.

Additionally, I made two fatal flaws (get it? FATAL flaws?) in my last post. I omitted two very very important aspects of my study abroad experience.

First, Celia pointed out that I did not mention my favorite hang-out, Choco Cafe, ONCE in my last post. Celia, this was because in nearly every single postcard/email I’ve written to friends and family, I mentioned Choco Cafe and at times spent nearly the entire length of a postcard describing the delicious chocolately espresso-y goodness of a simple cup of Choco Cafe AT Choco Cafe.

This is a Choco Cafe (and me with a Choco Cafe mustache, a common side effect):

Choco Cafe is great because not only do they have free wi-fi, but because of their cozy decor, tendency to play jazzy American music like Frank Sinatra, and the fact that now all the servers know us by face and sort of smile at us when we’re in there at least three times a week. I actually think they think that we’re just crazy Americans, but that’s okay.

The second omission is my roommate’s Valentine, Alexander Horn.

This is Alex:

(“we kick ’em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger”)

Alex Horn is an excellent human being. He’s so much MORE than a skinny Jewish kid from Texas who wears a Where’s Waldo beanie everywhere. He’s incredibly liberal and from the first night we hungout at the pub in London, where the pub was PACKED with London businessmen and a cluster of us students watching the Man U v. Man City soccer game, we bonded immediately. He also wrote his Valentine and my roommate, Sarah Paulos, an epic love poem on the bus ride back from Moravia (which was still not as good as the song that Walt wrote me and performed last night).

To update everyone further, last night we (Celia, Jenny, Sarah Paulos, Becca, Elyssa, and I) officially bought tickets to AMSTERDAM!! Ugh my wildest dreams are coming true! I’m so excited. I’ve had Peter Bjorn’s song, “Amsterdam” stuck in my head all day. We’re going Thursday, March 4 – Sunday the 7th so we’re going to see everything that my BFF Becca (shoutout, get your computer fixed so I can talk to you, lady!)  puts on her list since she studied abroad there last year. The canals are going to be frozen (which is going to blow my mind) and it’s going to be awesome.

I think we’re going to try to book Dublin (hint hint, friends!) or Greece next.

And, for those of you (aka my parents) who are all, “We sent you to Prague so you could LEARN, not HAVE FUN!” I answer with this simple snapshot of my at yet ANOTHER museum I’ve gone to –

I am involved in SO MUCH CULTURE on a daily basis!

I also need to clear one thing up before I close:
Walt Lengel is a sexy being. Walt Lengel also brought up his concerns to me late last night how the photo I chose in my last blog post did not adequately demonstrate his allure.
Is this better, Walt? It shows you being dapper AND handsome!

I think I’m going to take a coma now and sleep until tomorrow, because Celia turns 21 tomorrow and I need to be healthy again.



3 Responses to “musings on mortality”

  1. feel better bb and kick some Czech butt!

  2. take a LONG coma. you need to be 100% for tomorrow. and thank you for adding choco cafe.

  3. sara sloyer, you have a way with words!

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