March 8, 2010

Just tackling a quick blog post to let you know that I:

a) survived* Amsterdam

b) found Mac’n’Cheese at an American food store in Amsterdam

Please note the expression of sheer ecstasy on my face.
Although you might be distracted by my hippie headband, sorry about that.

Additionally, do not think that my two boxes of Mac’n’Cheese = happiness. I still expect those boxes from home to come on the plane with you, Mom.

*as in, had the time of my life, gained 10lb at least because of all the amazing food I had, and even though I am physically exhausted at this point, I am pretty sure my heart still resides in Amsterdam

currently listening to: strange euro music in this cafe


2 Responses to “hallelujah!!”

  1. Mitch said

    In future, any gift I give you will be either mac’n’cheese or a gift certificate for it.

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