April 8, 2010

I’m sorry about not updating! I’ve been so busy with trips and the fam visiting and midterms I’ve been slacking.

Anyway! Onto my trip to Vienna with the program!
Vienna was absolutely beautiful. We left Friday morning and took a bus to Austria (stopping only at Excalibur, the most amazing over-the-top amusement park/pit stop ever) and arrived in the afternoon. After settling in the hotel and grabbing coffee, we went on a walking tour to the city centre, where Z and Jana (our program directors who take us on these trips) left us and Becca, Jenny, Celia, Sarah, and I wandered around a bit before having dinner at this authentic schnitzel (I LOVE SCHNITZEL) place.

The weather was variable, and while it was gorgeous when we arrived it got cold and the following days it was largely cloudy with bits of sun in there.

in front of Parliament
Since our hotel was so far away from the city center, we decided to stay out for the evening (aka go to bars/clubs). We hung out and ate gelato and then met up with some of our friends at a bar. On Saturday we woke up early to go on the 10am walking tour, but I had these godawful blisters on my feet and I couldn’t go on the 2pm tour. Instead I met up with my friends at 3:30 to tour the Imperial jewels of the Habsburgs! It was insane… they had a nail and a piece of wood from the True Cross (personally I think it’s BS but whatever) and an 8ft. Narwhal horn (that the Habsburgs claimed was a unicorn horn) and it was pretty cool! Tired, we headed back from our long day of walking to the hotel, and had dinner around the corner at this epic restaurant called Centimeter.

We ordered two Meters of beer (about 5l. of beer in each one) for our table and my table split a SWORD of schnitzel.
The only way to adequately describe is via photos:

My favorite picture from the trip

This is what a meter of beer looks like

This is me and all my girlfriends in front of the Hundertwasser Haus, a piece of  interesting 1980s architecture in Wein.

Sunday we went to the Hundertwasser Haus and the Summer palace of the Habsburgs and toured inside since the weather was crappy and rainy and cold. It was really awesome!
Vienna was AMAZING, beautiful, wonderful, and I wish I could’ve had at least a week there so I could explore all the museums I wanted to see. But since we were able to have two meals of weinerschnitzel and test out the best apfelstrudel, and saw some of the most important sites, we had a fantastic time. Seriously, though, Wein is my second favorite city I’ve been to since I’ve been here after Amsterdam.

Best quote from the trip came from a snarky Walt on the 4-hour bus ride back from Vienna:
“Tom, you’re a Hufflepuff if I’ve ever seen one. ‘Cause you’re a huge bitch and nobody cares.”

Sorry this was sort of rushed, but I felt the need to post something asap!
Tomorrow I leave to go to Paris with Becca and Alex for a quick 48-hour trip. It’s going to be exhausting but the weather is going to be really beautiful!

Today Obama came to Prague and we stalked the castle for two hours but didn’t get to see him. 😦 sadness. But we spent the day in the sun since the weather is so nice and I’m now about to go to a Mexican place called Cantina for margaritas and some fajitas. =]

I’m in great spirits and am hoping this Spring weather is here to stay!!
Miss you all, probably a lot more than you know.

currently listening to: the beatles, “dear prudence”


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