alex’s birthday!

April 21, 2010

Today, Alex C. Horn turns 21.

This is a pretty big deal. This kid, right here, has been described as having an innate awkwardness* but as he gets upset about that, we shall not mention it.

This is Alex falling into the River Seine in Paris.

Alex is pretty awesome, but I’m on Team Celia regarding certain behaviors over the last weekend in Krakow. (Alex was mean to Celia all weekend, making fun of her green hair – which she got due to the minerals in the water here – and kept being annoying). There is nothing that Alex likes more than pivo and fist pumping, which is why we’re going to Karlovy Levne (5 Story Club) tonight to help Alex expand his dancing horizons and maybe if he gets lucky, remember flashes of the night.

Alex is one of the funniest, nicest guys I know. He is always on Creeper Patrol, protecting his lady friends from the sketchy Czech dancers whenever we go out. He has also been described from my sister as a good dancer and is 100% a ladies man, since it’s always like 5 girls and Alex when we go out to dinner. Alex’s hobbies include being as annoying as possible (such as singing “Like a Prayer” at 7am when we’ve pulled an all nighter to get out of Paris and while we’re waiting to board our flight out of France), drinking beer, ice cream cones, showing everyone “the Situation”, saving damsels in distress, Taylor Swift, and hanging out with his bros Ry, John, and Walt.

This is Walt dragging Alex wrapped in the kolej’s duvet cover out into the hallways.

Since tonight I have made a vow to Alex to save him from a certain female entity, I will not give him many gifts (I mean, the gift I’m giving him tonight in protecting him from certain girls is a pretty big deal), but if I could, I would give Alex this gift:

Happy birthday, buddy!! I’m sorry Walt and Kacy and lots of your other friends aren’t here to celebrate with you!

*may or may not have been described by me


2 Responses to “alex’s birthday!”

  1. sharon c horn said

    no girls, please.

  2. Barry Horn said

    How did you know that is the exact picture that hangs in Alex’s room at home? Of course, Alex’s is poster size.

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