21 years ago on this day, a certain Sarah Crisp was born. One minute later, Jenny Crisp entered the world as well.

Now, I have never met Sarah Crisp, but I”m sure she’s awesome.
But this post is dedicated to the one and only Jenny Crisp (aka Crispy).

Now, a little about Jenny Crisp. She goes to Salisbury in Maryland, which I’d never heard of, and apparently I’m one of the first Californians she’s ever met. Clearly I’ll have made quite an impression of the kind of girls come from California and the West Coast. 😉 She is the only Delta Gamma I’ve ever met, but also likely the only DG I’ll ever like. 😉 She’s the Ariel to my Rapunzel, and the awesome to every social situation. Probably the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet, with some sass mixed in. We truly bonded when we sat next to each other at Wicked in London (and I kept whispering to her the entire show because I’m annoying like that), but the ultimate mark of the beginning of our friendship was  not only when we first met when she told me she was glad she met someone else who was small, but when we were in Kutna Hora together and experienced the Bone Church together.

This is us at the Bone Church, a church where there are over 40,000 human skeletons on artistic display. No joke.

Jenny recently had a horrible dorm experience involving a rotten banana under her mattress. This sort of thing would only happen to Crispy. But of course she handled it with grace and came out with all-new everything in her dorm room. Jenny is just so easy to get along with and one of the most genuine people I’ve met. I honestly don’t think anyone can say a single bad thing about this girl. She’s also very much a team player and recently “took one for the team” (haha). And even though Jenny can’t wink, and I’m always stuck after her when we play Nelson whether it’s in Munich or at the Tiki Bar, she’s honestly one of my very favorite people I’ve met on this program.

Have an amazing 21st, Crispy, and enjoy your day! I’m sorry you can’t spend it with the Twinsie, but at least you can spend it with your other favorite people, aka Team Sara(h), Celia, Becca, Kacy, Alex, Walt, Tom, etc. etc. etc.

Jenny punching “the situation” after midnight on her 21st bday

Much love!


21 years ago on this day, the birth of a girl who will soon be known as “Celia” occurred.

Happy 21st, Celia!

For those of you who don’t have the privilege of knowing Celia, let me describe what I’ve seen of Celia from the last 3 weeks of her 21 years that she’s been alive. I met Celia right in tow next to Jenny in London. We had met during the “Meeting AIFS students” cocktail hour the first night we arrived, and we ended up sitting next to each other during Wicked. She (along with Jenny) seemed totally nice but a little quiet (or maybe that’s just compared to my eager outgoingness) and after the next time I hung out with them I left feeling like potential future AWESOME friendship. Clearly blondes like to stick together, we’ve been hanging out a lot ever since! From Choco Cafe to the Moravian wine cellar and braids and getting matching splatterpaint leggings from H+M, Celia is a great person to have around. Hahaha and all the Czech boys LOVE her! She always gets grabbed by the Czech guys when we’re out dancing and sends us “help me” looks but usually I just keep dancing and laugh. Celia even came back Saturday night after the ’80s/’90s with bruises on her arms where all the boys tried grabbing her to dance haha.
This story reveals two very important and relevant things:
1) Czech boys are creepy.
2) Celia is a babe.

Celia is just so clever and sweet, and while most of the time she’s super quiet, she will suddenly say something outrageous and hilarious.

So –
Celia, I hope your day is as awesome as we all think YOU are and even though we have that horrible Czech class today, it will be over soon and I can’t wait to hang out with you tonight!