February 23, 2010

I realized I forgot to post about one of the most magical evenings of my life. Of course I am referring to Valentine’s Day!

My roomie Sarah Paulos and I shared a romantic evening with our favorite boys, Walt and Alex. Back in the day (I believe it was a Wednesday) when we were frolicking back from a wondrous Hofbrauhaus in Munchen, Sarah lamented the fact that this year she was worried she wouldn’t have a Valentine. Alex, the charming and gallant gentleman that he is, offered himself to her right away.

Of course I got jealous immediately, but Walt (blondes 4eva) came to my rescue and we have been competing with the other couple ever since. Clearly Walt and I are the best Valentines ever. Not only do we both like the same music, Walt wrote me a beautiful song that really embodied our great friendship exactly the night of Valentine’s Day and performed it for me on his accordion and I swear tears came to my eyes.

All Paulos got was a lousy poem. Walt, I declare ourselves winners of Valentine’s Day.
Anyway, to celebrate, Paulos and I made dinner and the boys came bringing vino, roses, and their dapper selves.

Dinner in the kolej, being cute

Anyway, Saturday was one of those gorgeous days in Prague where the sun was out and we were intent on exploring.

Paulos, Kacy, and I – after a 2:30 pm breakfast of pancakes at Bohemia Bagel, we had a late Friday night – trekked to meet our friends at the Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad). Of course, everything was closed so we couldn’t see the interior of everything, but we did get some awesome views and sights.

Me and Paulos being silly outside the castle

this is the view from the opposite side of charles bridge from the castle, and you can see my university

Then we (finally! finally!) saw the Lennon Wall.
The Lennon Wall was made in 1980s in the height of communism when rebellious youths graffiti’ed lyrics and depictions of John Lennon, a symbol of hope and freedom, onto a wall. During the day, the authorities would white wash the wall and every night it would be painted over again. Today the tradition still lives where people write messages of love, peace, and expression on the wall. I’m a huge Beatles/John Lennon fan so I’ll be haunting this site often.

Next to the Lennon Wall is a street called Velkoprevorske Namesti, where lovers traditionally padlock a lock with their initials on it. It’s really lovely!

Sunday was spent doing laundry (trust me, a three-hour affair) and getting breakfast at this awesome cafe called Cafe Louvre, where Einsten and Franz Kafka once hung out (I know this because it said it on the menu. One day it will list “SARA SLOYER” additionally to these great minds, don’t you worry).

But now? Bedtime!

currently listening to: death cab for cutie, “tiny vessels”